The Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization (FDRHPO) was founded more than a decade ago to connect Fort Drum soldiers and families with quality healthcare in the North Country, and we are still dedicated to this goal today. However, our work extends beyond Fort Drum, as we work to strengthen the System for Health for all individuals living in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.

What is a System for Health?

A System for Health engages all aspects of the community to promote health and wellness, prevent illness and injury, and provide the highest quality care when and where necessary. It aims to do this while positively affecting the behaviors of citizens and the environments in which they live, work and play.

Located just off Watertown’s Public Square, FDRHPO collaborates with several local hospitals, primary care offices, and a variety of community-based organizations to identify and fill gaps in our regional healthcare system.

We do much of our work “behind the scenes” — surveying residents to understand local needs, strategizing with healthcare partners to find solutions and securing necessary resources to help make those solutions a reality.

Our initiatives span the healthcare spectrum. We help residents prevent and manage chronic disease; we help recruit and retain medical professionals to strengthen our region’s healthcare workforce; and we help expand access to care for patients with mental illness to make sure they receive the services they need in our community.

Whatever we are involved in, we’re thinking about the future. Our success is not measured day-to-day, but rather it is shown as we begin to see the health of the North Country improve from generation to generation. We are determined to make the North Country a healthier community.