Local Partnerships Bring Oral Health Information to Credo Residents

oral health information
From left to right: Sierra Gabriel, GWU Intern at Credo; Kelly McNierney, Recreational Activities Coordinator at Credo; Nicole Quintin, Dental Program Administrator at North Country Family Health Center; and Karley Wake, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at Credo.

Credo Community Center recently partnered with Fidelis Care and the North Country Family Health Center to provide free oral health information and supplies to its residential clients.

Danyelle Brown, Project Manager at Credo, said the idea stemmed from a meeting of the North Country Health Compass Partners — a collaborative of hospitals, public health agencies and community-based organizations facilitated by FDRHPO.

In October, the group was discussing local oral health data and improvement strategies. Recognizing oral health problems as one of the most prevalent co-morbidities related to addiction, Brown was inspired to do something to help her agency’s clients.


I partnered with Erin Cordova from Fidelis, who is also on the Health Compass committee, to provide holiday stockings for all of our residents complete with gloves, a candy cane, oral health information and of course — a toothbrush! All 68 of our residential clients were very thankful and happy to receive this gift.Danyelle Brown

However, the collaboration did not end there. After the gifts were delivered, Credo’s Residential Rehabilitation Services for Youth (RRSY) Program expressed interest in hosting a guest speaker who could talk to residents about proper oral hygiene. So, Brown reached out to the Health Compass Partners again for a recommendation and was connected to Nicole Quintin at the North Country Family Health Center.

“I coordinated with Nicole, and on Monday, February 12th, she came out and did a full presentation for our residents at the RRSY,” Brown said. “She was very thorough, very well received and it was a pleasure to have her come teach our program. Thanks North Country Family Health Center and North Country Health Compass for the networking possibilities!”

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