2019 NYS Collaborative Protocols Update Education Release

Date:  October 29, 2019

NCEMS AEMT, EMT-Critical Care, and Paramedic Providers
Agency Directors
County EMS Coordinators

Ann Smith
Director of the FDRHPO NCEMS Program Agency

Re:    2019 NYS Collaborative Protocol Update

The educational material for the 2019 NYS Collaborative Protocol update is now available.  The following items will need to be completed by December 31, 2019.

  1. Protocol Videos: All AEMT, EMT-Critical Care, and Paramedic providers will need to watch the Collaborative Protocol Update and Medication Update Motrin & Tylenol videos. Protocol Update 2019
  2. Protocol Comparison: Please review the Protocol Comparison document. This highlights the changes that have been made.
  3. Protocol Test: After viewing the educational material, log in to the CNYEMS website, http://northcountry.cnyems.org/  to complete the 2019 Protocol Update Test for your level of care.
  4. Mobile Applications: iOS and Android mobile applications have been updated. Please make sure your device has the latest version.
  5. Paper Version: the paper version can be found at this link 2019 Collaborative Protocols V2

All material is available on the FDRHPO NCEMS website.  Protocol Education Material

The major changes are BLS related to better integrate the NYS BLS Protocols with the NYS Collaborative Protocols.  Once you complete the protocol update educational material, you may utilize the updated protocols.

The CNYEMS, Finger Lakes, Midstate, North Country, and Susquehanna Regions are completing the same educational material and protocol tests. This will allow providers practicing in more than one of these Regions to only have to complete 1 update.  Please contact the office with any questions.


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