Deadline Extended: Vital Signs EMS Agency Innovation Awards

The deadline to submit a nomination for the Vital Signs EMS Agency Innovation Awards has been extended until next Monday, September 16th at 12:00 PM.

Several agencies have reached out requesting additional time to submit their nominations, so please take advantage of this opportunity and don’t delay in sharing your agency’s innovations! For consideration, please submit your nomination electronically by clicking here. Award details can be found below:

EMS Agency Innovation Awards

Progressive ideas and forwarding thinking agencies have inspired change that has created system sustainability, recruitment, retention, alternative education models and so much more.  EMS Agencies, REMSCOs, REMACs, Program Agencies, and Course Sponsors over the past year have been implementing innovation throughout New York State achieving positive results and advancing the field of Emergency Medical Services. If you are an agency or know an agency that has solved a problem/gap using innovation, consider self-nomination or nomination of an agency to be one of the 2019 EMS Innovation Award recipients.

Award Categories
  1. Organizational Innovations: Innovations in system designs, agency sustainability, and facilitating organizational
  2. Clinical Delivery Innovations: Innovations in clinical practices that are leading to positive patient outcomes and/or positive patient
  3. Recruitment and Retention Innovations: Innovations in recruitment, on-boarding, longevity, staff experience and/or staff satisfaction leading to gaining and retaining
  4. Educational Innovations: Innovations in education delivery models, student experience and/or community

Must be a New York State EMS agency, that includes but is not limited to, an ambulance service, ALS-FR, BLS-FR, REMSCO, REMAC, Program Agency and/or Course Sponsor. All innovation submissions must be in compliance with New York State Public Health Law Article 30 and Title 10 of the New York Code Rules and Regulations.  Any submission that does not meet these criteria will be ineligible.

Applications must be submitted by noon on Monday, September 16 via For questions or concerns, please email [email protected].


Thank you,

agency innovation awards

Ann Smith,
Program Agency Director

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