2019 BLS Protocol and ALS Collaborative Protocols Update

To: NCEMS EMS Providers
NCEMS Agency Directors
County EMS Coordinators

From: Dr. Sarah Delaney-Rowland
Regional Medical Director

Ann Smith
Program Agency Director

Re: 2019 BLS Protocol Update and ALS Collaborative Protocols

The Statewide Basic Life Support Adult and Pediatric Treatment Protocols 2019 Version 1.0 and ALS Collaborative Protocols are posted on the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System (NYS DOH BEMS) website. Click here to access them.

The NYS DOH BEMS website indicates these protocols went into effect August 1, 2019. They are NOT in effect in the North Country EMS Region. We were advised last week on a conference call with the NYS DOH BEMS about the status of the BLS Protocol Update training. As of the date of this memo, the training is not available yet.

Once the BLS Protocol Update training is released the following will occur: (This is our current understanding of what NYS DOH has suggested for their roll-out, it is subject to change.)

  • Learning Management System (LMS): All CFR and EMT providers will login to the NYS DOH BEMS’ new Learning Management System to complete the training. The training should take 1 hour.
  • Protocol Test: After viewing the training, EMT providers will login to the CNYEMS website to complete the EMT Protocol V19 test, unless NYSDOH provides a testing mechanism for verification of completion.
  • Required for Re-certification: the NYS DOH BEMS has indicated that this training will be required for renewal of CFR and EMT certifications.

The current ALS Collaborative Protocols released April 4, 2017 are still in effect in the CNYEMS Region. There is currently no training, protocol test, or mobile application available for the version posted on the NYS DOH BEMS website.

Another memo will be circulated on the status of the updates once we are provided more information. Please contact this office with any questions.


Thank you,

Ann Smith
Program Agency Director

2019 BLS Protocol and ALS Collaborative Protocols Update

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