Implementation of Updated CME Program

Please see the letter below from Director Greenberg in regards to the implementation of the updated CME Program and CME Manual:

RE: Implementation of Updated CME Program

Dear EMS Agency Administrator:
The Department recently released the 2019 Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program Manual. This letter is intended to provide guidance on the implementation process for the revised CME recertification program. The program no longer excludes any region of New York State and allows Certified First Responders (CFRs) the ability to participate in the program. Participants must be a member of an NYS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency in order to participate in the CME program.

EMS agencies will be allowed a transition period to adopt the new requirements. During the transition period, CME applications will be accepted using the old or new standards. CME applications must be completed using the appropriate application form. If using the old CME standards, providers must submit using the old CME forms. If using the new CME standards, providers must submit using the new CME forms.

Beginning on January 1, 2020, EMS agencies may adopt the new CME educational standards for the renewal of their New York State EMS certification. If the new CME educational requirements are being used, applicants must meet all educational requirements in order to recertify. Applicants can use any approved CME education completed during their current certification period. Agency CME Coordinators are responsible to ensure that the correct paperwork is submitted to the Department for a provider to be recertified. Applications that are submitted on incorrect forms will be returned. All renewal applications submitted after June 30th, 2020, will be required to meet the new standards and must be submitted using the new CME renewal application.

Effective January 1, 2020, all applications for CME recertification must be electronically submitted to the Department regardless of which application is being used. The link for the online form will be available on the Department website beginning January 1st.
Additional information regarding the 2019 CME Program can be found on the Bureau of EMS website at If you have any questions, please contact CME Program Unit Chief Gene Myers at


Ryan Greenberg
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma Systems

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