Massena Memorial Hospital to Offer Infusion Pump Training

A message from Massena Memorial Hospital:

Any providers that will be taking patients out of Massena Memorial Hospital will need to complete this infusion pump training. There is a link below for the online portion; please contact the nursing office at 315-769-4349 to set up an in-service at the hospital on April 30 or May 1st. You may also contact the nursing office with any questions.

Below are updated instructions for your rescue squad:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “Create a New Account
  3. From the “Select your Location” list, choose “#396.  Massena Hospital”
  4. Enter account information (email, password, first/last name)
  5. From the Course page, select the “US – English” category and then the “Infusion Pumps” sub-category
  6. Launch the “3.  Infusomat® Space Second Generation” module

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