NEMSIS v3 ePCR Tips and Tricks!

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Ann Smith, EMT-CC, Director
Jonathan P. Cole, EMT-B, EMS Program Assistant

As the state moves towards NEMSIS v3, there have been some growing pains. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to get your charts to lock and upload! For your reference, click here to access the NEMSIS v3 Data Dictionary.

All Vendors:
  • When Incident, Home, or Destination County is empty, it should have a “Not” value (Not Applicable, Not Recorded, or Not Reporting, if allowed for the element), a Pertinent Negative (if allowed for the element), or it should be omitted (if the element is optional).
  • When inputting a zip code, only utilize the standard 5-number sequence, not the 9-number sequence. This will trigger a failure of your chart, ePayment.29
  • When inputting a Canadian postal code, do not utilize the “Zip Code” field. Instead, put the entire address in the address line, and leave the “Zip Code” blank. If you utilize that field for the Canadian Postal Code, the chart will fail under ePatient.09
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  • You must document your PSAP time, which can be the same as your “call received” or “dispatched at” times (see photo to the right). Failure to document this will make it appear that your chart has not saved in the system.
Per emsCharts, Regarding NY Stroke Scale:
  • For Stroke Scale, possible score values are “Negative,” “Positive,” or “Non-conclusive.” Each of those is available to pick in the Stroke Scale drop-down bar.
  • Regions have not released region-specific schematrons, which is what we rely on to apply the rules to our system. The requirement for stroke scales being documented is part of the entire state’s set of rules, which is what we are using now. What triggers this particular rule is the disposition of the call plus the impression(s) on the call. So, if they select one of the below dispositions and their impression is mapped to one of the below v3 values, they will be required to enter at least 2 stroke scales.
    • Dispositions:
      Patient Treated, Transported by this EMS Unit
      Patient Treated, Transferred Care to Another EMS Unit
      Patient Treated, Released (per protocol)
      Patient Refused Evaluation/Care (Without Transport)
    • Impressions:
      Epidural hemorrhage
      Hemiplegia, unspecified affecting unspecified side
      Migraine, unspecified
      Ocular pain, unspecified eye
      Unspecified visual disturbance
      Altered mental status, unspecified
      Cerebral infarction, unspecified
      Nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage, unspecified
      Transient cerebral ischemic attack, unspecified
  • Unable to Complete stroke scales will be accepted…
    • if number of total Vital Groups is less than 2
    • if there is less than 1 Stroke Scale Score that is not blank AND less than 2 Stroke Scale Score with Pertinent Negatives
    • if there is less than 2 Stroke Scale Score that is not blank AND less than 1 Stroke Scale Score with Pertinent Negatives.
  • If you select Unable to Complete on at least 2 of the Stroke Scales found on Page 8 Activity Log, this will satisfy the NY rule. The same rule applies for all other vendors, utilize your pertinent negatives, even if that includes documenting “Not Applicable.”

As always, NCEMS is here to assist you in any way we can with making sure that your charts are NEMSIS Compliant. In the coming weeks, agency administrators will be receiving login information to both the Regional Bridge and the State Bridge for NEMSIS v3. This email will come from Jonathan.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any assistance you made need.

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