SUNY Upstate Hopes to Return EMS Equipment Left at Hospital

Upstate University Hospital recently issued a memo to all fire and emergency medical services agencies, looking to return EMS equipment that has been forgotten, lost, or left at the hospital. The letter, from Upstate’s EMS Liaison Douglas Sandbrook, is as follows:

Dear Colleagues,

University Hospital has a rather robust stock pile of EMS equipment. We are doing our best to identify whose equipment is here and work with them to get it returned. We presently have more than 60 long back boards that need to be returned. Many are labeled with abbreviations and simple initials, BFD, or GBAC. Our trauma region encompasses 14 counties, while our burn region encompasses 37 counties in NY, PA and parts of Canada. This makes identifying equipment by abbreviation nearly impossible; if you are missing equipment that was sent to UH please let us know. We do have dozens of LBB with abbreviations and we do not know who they belong to.

If you have equipment that was on a patient and transported to Upstate Medical University please let us know what you’re missing and your specific agency identifier. You can email me directly at [email protected].

If you believe your agency has left equipment at Upstate University Hospital, we encourage you to get in touch with Mr. Sandbrook and arrange to have it returned.

Thank you!

Ann Smith,
EMS Program Director


Letter: SUNY Upstate Hopes to Return EMS Equipment Left at Hospital

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