2020 ALS Minimum Equipment List

The  ALS Minimum Equipment List has been updated, it can be found at the following link- https://fdrhpo.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2020-Ambulance-Minimum-Equipment-List-2.pdf

Here is a summary of the changes-

  • Moved Ketorolac to required medication
  • Added to optional meds AEMT, CC, P
    • Acetaminophen PO Unit Dose 325 mg/10.15 mL or 160/5 mL
    • Ibuprofen 100 mg/ 5 mL
  • Magill forceps removed from AEMT- not in the curriculum
  • Removed second Pediatric Measuring Device – for cost reasons, they still have one the ambulance
  • Removed (this was on the list to dilute amiodarone for cardiac arrest patients, but we are no longer doing this for cardiac arrest patients)
    • 30cc Syringe
  • Removed CPAP from AEMT level (they can have if credentialed for BLS CPAP but it is not in the curriculum)

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