2020 Community Health Survey Begins June 14

The Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization (FDRHPO), in partnership with the North Country Health Compass Partners, will soon be making calls to community members for its 2020 Community Health Survey.

Completed on an annual basis, the survey asks local adults about their thoughts and experiences with healthcare. Responses are kept anonymous and are used to assess the effectiveness of local programs, identify specific health needs in the community, and create plans to address these needs.

The telephone portion of the survey will be conducted the week of June 14th using phone numbers that have been randomly selected from a group of active phone numbers within Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.  The survey will also be sent to some residents of the region via email.

FDRHPO’s goal is to have at least 1,500 adults complete the survey – roughly 500 from each county.

For more information about the survey, email research@fdrhpo.org. Data from past Community Health Surveys can be found at www.ncnyhealthcompass.org.

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