BLS 12-Lead Acquisition

DATE: November 4, 2020

TO: North Country EMS Agencies

FROM: Ann Smith, FDRHPO NCEMSPA Director

RE: BLS 12-Lead Acquisition

At the October North Country Regional Advisory Committee (REMAC) meeting, the acquisition and transmission of 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECG) by basic life support (BLS) and advanced emergency medical technicians (AEMT) was approved in accordance with the NYS Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems policy statement 16-01.

Agencies will need to complete the following before submitting the application to REMAC for approval:

Training must be completed by an NYS CIC who is authorized to teach at the Critical Care or Paramedic level, and documentation must be maintained by the agency. NCEMS or a Representative of the REMAC reserves to right to inspect any training records for regional adjuncts. CICs can request an approved training program from the regional program agency office at the numbers below.

12-lead acquisition skills requirements will be added to the annual BLS adjunct skills form and are required for providers who are trained to acquire 12-leads within an agency to meet requirements of annual submission to the regional office. It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that calls are reviewed and providers are trained on this adjunct following regional approval.

Providers must complete a regional CQI form and leave it at the hospital for completion and submission to our office. Please ensure that providers copy their section and maintain with the prehospital care report.


Ann Smith: Director
FDRHPO North Country EMS Program Agency

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