COVID 19 Resurgence Memo

DATE: November 12, 2020

TO: North Country EMS Agencies

FROM: Ann Smith, FDRHPO NCEMSPA Director

RE: COVID-19 Reminders

The region would like to take this time to extend our gratitude to all of you who have continued to serve your communities during these trying times. It is no easy feat to balance safety and patient care and as always each of you have stepped up to meet this challenge head-on.

We are currently seeing a rise in the number of COVID Cases in the region and want to send this out as a reminder that you need to continue to be diligent about wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

Our office has been notified that there is has been an outbreak of COVID in the Amish population so please remain diligent and treat all Amish complaints as if they are a person under investigation (PUI) for potential infection.

Reminders for all calls:

  • PPE should be applied prior to patient contact, if supply allows it recommended that N95’s be worn on all calls with eye protection
  • Patients on CPAP or Nebulizer – discontinue in ambulance bay – prior to entering the hospital.
    • Consider contacting medical control for treatment option in unclear situations
    • Make sure that you are wearing appropriate PPE, including N-95, gown, goggles, eye protection, gloves and limit the use of these treatments if there is an alternate treatment. (Remember we still need to treat our patients)
    • Consider the use of breath-actuated-nebulize
  • Place a facemask over the mouth and nose off ALL PATIENTS – including those receiving oxygen, please use your best clinical judgment in what method you select to oxygenate your patient
  •  Viral filters must be utilized with BVM’s
  •  NYS Department of Health Bureau of EMS has recommended that agencies keep an adequate supply of PPE on hand, please ensure that you have adequate supplies of PPE.
  • Public health is actively quarantining people with potential exposures, please consider the toll that could take on your ability to respond as a department if multiple providers are quarantined.

EMS Viral Pandemic Triage Protocol-


Ann Smith, FDRHPO NCEMSPA Director

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