Emergency Responder Leadership Academy – Strengthening the Health of EMS

emergency responder leadership academy


a Virtual Series

June 1-10, 2021


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This six-part virtual program aims to review today’s overall Emergency Medical Response climate and provide an educational forum for leaders in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to discuss the most pressing and critical issues that affect EMS for-profit and non-profit agencies and personnel. This unique program format and straight-forward discussion will support leaders in EMS with overviews of:


  • Post Pandemic Predictions, Mike McEvoy, Ph.D., NRP, RN, CCRN
  • Understanding and Recovering from Grief, Loss, and Moral Injury, Drew Anderson, PhD
  • The Times They are a Chang’in, Strategic Planning for EMS in the COVID-era, Doug Sauer
  • The Community of EMS: Ensuring Long-Term Viability Through Agency Cohesion, Dan Batsie, BA, NRP
  • Transformational Governance of EMS Organizations in a Rapidly Changing World, Steve Kroll
  • Surviving and Thriving EMS Financial Management, Maggie Adams


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For additional information, please email Kathy Doyle at [email protected]  or contact our staff at 845-883-7260.


New York State Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits will be sponsored by E5 Support Services, LLC, NYS Certified Instructor Coordinator/NRP Douglas J. Wildermuth. Credits will be based in CME categories of Preparatory, Non-Core Content (Mandatory), and Operations for the allotted time that each participant spends participating in each program.


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