Enhancing Regional Stroke Care

DATE: January 11, 2021

TO: North Country Agencies and Providers

FROM: Ann Smith, NCEMSPA Director

RE: Enhancing Regional Stroke Care

PDF of Memo- Enhanced FAST ED Memo

Upstate University Hospital, Central New York EMS, and North Country Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program Agencies have collaborated and produced a video promoting the use of a novel enhanced FAST-ED stroke assessment tool. The enhanced FAST-ED stroke assessment tool will be used in conjunction with the Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale (CPSS)  to help increase the recognition of both large vessel occlusive stroke and frequently overlooked posterior strokes.

We are offering a $229.00 stipend to the first 120 agencies who have at least 50% of their primary providers complete the video and pass the online enhanced FAST- ED test through March 2021.

AGENCY Leaders/Training Officers

  • Share the video link with your providers – Enhanced FAST-ED Video
  • When 50% of your primary providers have completed the training and passed the test, please submit a completed roster Roster link to your respective Program Agency.
  • Make sure the date of submission is on the Roster.
  • Please place the full name of the agency, agency code, and mailing address on the roster as this information will be used on stipend checks.
  • Roster completion and stipend distribution will be completed monthly until the end of March.
    • Program Agencies will be verifying that 50% of the primary providers registered with the agency have completed the test with a passing score.


  • Watch the video – Enhanced FAST-ED Video
  • Take the Enhanced FAST-ED test and receive a passing score.
  • Your Agency Regional CME Manager will receive a notice of completion through the system.


ePCR Agencies: Document the Stroke Scale type and the neurological exam findings in the appropriate fields for the software being utilized. Please have your vendor or administrator ensure FAST-ED is a choice for your stroke scale and it allows you to document the findings. If you use Image Trend central elite site, this has been added.


Version 5 PCR Agencies: Document the FAST-ED Stroke Scale in the “Treatment – Other” section and the neurological exam findings in the narrative.

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