Important Information for Agencies that Bill

See below notice from CMS regarding Medicare holding Claims from date of services 4/1/2021.   This is occurring as they are Extending the suspension of the 2% Sequestration from March 31, 2021, to December 31, 2021.  But due to the Easter Holiday break, The House will not be back in session till the week of April 12th to put into place.

Claims can be submitted to Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans but they will not/may not be processed to avoid any retroactivity issues if this does /doesn’t go thru.


Senate Passes Sequestration Suspension Extension Bill


Last week, the Senate by a vote of 90 to 2 passed legislation (H.R. 1868) to further extend the suspension of the 2% Medicare sequestration cut. H.R. 1868 would extend the suspension from March 31 to December 31. The Senate amended the bill so it goes back to the House which will likely consider the legislation the week of April 12 when it returns from the Easter holiday break. The House is expected to easily pass the bill. CMS will hold claims until the House passes the bill to avoid any retroactivity issues.

The House had previously passed a version of H.R. 1868 which would not only extend the sequestration suspension until December 31 but also prevent a potential 4% sequestration cut later this year. The additional cut is the result of a provision in the Budget Control Act which was triggered with passage of the American Rescue Plan. Senate Republicans objected to addressing the additional cut as part of the legislation and a compromise was reached to just extend the 2% cut suspension for the time being.

The AAA as well as the IAFC, IAFF, NVFC, CFSI and NAEMT had written to congressional leaders in support of passage of the House-passed version of H.R. 1868.

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