Save-A-Life Day Webinar with Handtevy!

“Save-A-Life Day” Webinar

Presented by Dr. Peter Antevy
with Special Guests from the Florida Resuscitation Academy

Thursday’s EMS Week theme is “Save-a-Life” day which aligns with our mission each and every day. Join us to learn the practical steps you can take to bring even just one more child back to life.

Topics will include:

  • How is bystander CPR different in the pediatric population?
  • Telephone-CPR (T-CPR) in pediatrics – including current issues, gaps, and areas for improvement.
  • Learn how to utilize the CARES registry to improve outcomes.
  • Discuss on-scene care in pediatric cardiac arrest, including highlighting Polk County outcomes and research.
  • Learn best practices on the use of CPR Assist, available exclusively on Handtevy Mobile
  • Putting it all together by discussing the Resuscitation Academy with EMS cardiac experts from the Florida Resuscitation Academy.

Save-A-Life Day Webinar
presented by Dr. Peter Antevy

Thursday, May 20 @ 1pm EST 

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