Pre-Hospital Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

pediatric emergency care coordinator

What is a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator?
  • A Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) is an individual or individuals who are responsible for coordinating pediatric-specific activities. A designated individual who coordinates pediatric emergency care need not be dedicated solely to this role; it can be an individual already in place who assumes this role as part of their existing duties. The individual may be a member of your agency, or work at a county or region level and serve more than one agency.
Whether your agency is an urban, rural, volunteer, or paid, various staffing models can fit your needs.
  • Individual within the agency dedicated solely to the PECC role
  • Multiple individuals within the agency sharing the PECC role
  • Individual within the agency with the PECC role as an additional duty
  • Program Agency serving a region as the PECC
  • Other individual serving multiple agencies or a region as the PECC
The Pre-Hospital Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator is responsible for:
  • Being a resource for education on pediatric medications, equipment, and supplies
  • Promoting and sharing pediatric continuing-education opportunities
  • Encouraging pediatric simulations/hands-on pediatric skills assessments
  • Encouraging that fellow providers follow pediatric clinical practice guidelines

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Local PECC Information:

Regional Facilitators are available in your region to help make your agency more “pediatric prepared.” To find out who your Regional Facilitator is, or for more pediatric-related information, please visit:



New York PECC Contact:
Donna Kahm
Southern Tier Health Care System
[email protected]

For Jefferson, Lewis & St. Lawrence Counties:
Ann Smith
FDRHPO/NCEMS Program Agency Director
Contact Info