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To assist our EMS agencies with paperwork and policies, the North Country EMS Program Agency maintains a comprehensive resource library of relevant forms, credentialing materials, guidelines and manuals, lists, and other important documents. Please browse the resource library below and click on any document to open a printable, downloadable copy

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FAST ED Stroke Education

North Country BLS Adjuncts

Please note, if applying for multiple BLS Adjuncts (Modalities) only one DOH 4362 form is required

Medical Director Verification Form (DOH 4362)
For Syringe Epi- Complete the 4362 form for notification to our office and we will submit it to the DOH.
Syringe Epi Sample SOG

Naloxone Forms

Blood Glucometry Application

Albuterol Agreement

CPAP Application

BLS 12 Lead Acquisition-