I-Gel Pilot

Good Morning All:

The I-Gel pilot project has kicked off. There is information available on the HVREMSCO website under the title of SGA Pilot Program.

I have attached some original documents and some additional sample documents including a letter for the agency to start Training and a Skill Sheet. Also included are sample word documents to notify the ER’s and ALS agencies in your region to make sure they are aware that this pilot is active in the Region and they might have BLS agencies/providers treating patients with SGA’s inserted and they must confirm the correct placement of the device.

As per the training and Pre-Approval letter:

Education, test, and certificates are available on the Vital Signs Academy.

If an Agency wants to use a CIC to train their members the education materials are available at:  https://hvremsco.org/sga-pilot-program-cic-resources/

        Any CIC that trains an agency needs to contact HVREMSCO for the final exam.

To help understand the process here is an outline of Hudson Valley’s Regional procedures:

        1.      The HVREMSCO directs the applicant to Regional Website for the application and materials https://hvremsco.org/sga-pilot-program-cic-resources/

        2.      An Agency sends the HVREMSCO a completed application which must include:

                        Agency information and signature

                        Medical Director information and signature

                        Local Regional EMS Office official signature

                        A HVREMSCO representative contacts the agency by phone/email to confirm

                        everything and answer any questions, confirms process

        3.      A HVREMSCO representative sends a copy of the application to the NYS DOH BEMS for approval

        4.      The NYS DOH BEMS sends Agency / Personnel Approvals or Denials to the HVREMSCO

        5.      A HVRESMCO representative sends out the training link to didactic education online and/or for

                 CIC, and practical sheet

        6.      An Agency sends completed training for each individual back to the HVREMSCO

                        Didactic certificates from online or CIC

                        Practical Sheets

        7.      The HVREMSCO authorizes agency participants

                        A HVREMSCO representative sends an email to the contact indicating which

                        participants can begin

                        A HVREMSCO representative adds Agency individuals to the spreadsheet

                        A HVREMSCO representative sends the hospital letter to the Agency to distribute

                         to their receiving hospitals

        8.      If an Agency wants to further authorize other providers, go to step #7 and complete

                the steps for a new practitioner

        9.      The HVREMSCO, upon receipt of all materials, authorizes additional individuals

                adds individuals to the agency roster in the spreadsheet

Please contact me if there are any questions concerning the Pilot.

Thank you for your support in the I-Gel Pilot Program

Stay Safe & Healthy


William Hughes

Executive Director


Cell # 845-558-5708

Office: 845-245-4292

Email: execdir@hvremsco.org