New ED Security Procedures – University Health System

New Safety Security Procedures @ Upstate Health System

The safety of our staff and patients is our utmost priority.  This new procedure is in response to recent ED encounters where a patient(s) entered the hospital with a concealed weapon (firearm, knife) via the EMS entrance.

Upon arrival to our Downtown & Community Campuses, Upstate’s Public Safety Officers will be screening patients for weapons.

  • A Public Safety Officer (PSO) will approach the EMS agency upon arrival and ask if the patient has been searched for weapons.  At this time the PSO will ask for the patients first name, so they may address the patient politely.
  • The PSO will approach the patient & introduce themselves & welcome them to Upstate and inform them of the protocol to wand the patient to check for weapons.
  • The PSO will then wand the patient at the torso, waist, legs & feet.  This will include any family members and personal belongings that are not able to pass through the metal detector.
  • Family members may be asked to pass through the walk-in metal detector in lieu of wanding.

Please be vigilant & stay safe.