Notes – NYS DOH BEMS&TS 1/13/22 Briefing for EMS Agency Leadership and Providers

NYS DOH Bureau of EMS & Trauma Services

Briefing for EMS Agency Leadership and Providers

Thursday 1/13/22, 4:04 PM to 4:32 PM

Unofficial Notes

This is not an official verbatim transcript of the call. During the call outline notes of what was said were taken by a NYS Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Association (NYSVARA) representative and the outline notes were filled in after the call trying to reflect what the presenters actually said or make reading easier.

Links to forms or documents mentioned were added and are highlighted.

There was no prepared agenda distributed before the call. Questions can be submitted before the next call at or during the call through the chat box.

Notes from prior briefing calls plus other information is on the NYSVARA website under the Library tab and then select News Archives.

There were 200 attendees on the call.



Peter Brodie, Deputy Chief, Data and Informatics (Host)

Ryan Greenberg, Director, Bureau of EMS and Trauma Services

Steven Dziura, Deputy Director, Bureau of EMS and Trauma Services

Jean Taylor, Deputy Chief, Education Branch

Valerie Ozga, Vital Signs Academy and Executive Secretary to SEMSCO and SEMAC

Richard Robinson, Deputy Chief, Metropolitan Area Regional Office, New Rochelle

Edward Mager, Deputy Chief, Western Region, Syracuse

Amy Eisenhauer, Program Manager, EMS for Children

Valerie Ozga

  • Received EMS memorial nominations for the 2022 ceremony. 10 Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) will be added to the memorial. Ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday 5/17/22 at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. More information will be sent out as the date gets closer.
  • State EMS Council (SEMSCO) and State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC) meeting will be held during April in meeting rooms at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. Exact dates to be determined.
  • Vital Signs Academy is still going strong. New presenters are welcome. Presentations need to be submitted beforehand for review. E-mail her if interested.
  • Vital Signs Conference is scheduled for Wednesday 10/26/22 through Sunday 10/30/22 to be held at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. Call for presenters was sent out.

Amy Eisenhauer

  • Annual EMS for Children Agency Survey was e-mailed out to agencies on 1/5/22 with a completion date by 3/31/22. It takes only 10 minutes to complete. Questions include does your agency have a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) and does agency use skills practice during pediatric training. The survey helps EMSC at the federal level and NYS develop the best programs and find out what works best for the agencies in NYS. 198 agencies have already completed the survey. The link to the survey is:
  • Question: Can someone clarify the stroke center designations? Primary, Comprehensive and Thrombectomy capable? Is comprehensive the top classification? Most importantly, is a comprehensive also a thrombectomy capable center? Answer: I would be happy to get you more information. E-email me at and I will get you the information.

Richard Robinson

  • We have FEMA National Ambulance Contract (NAC) vehicles in the region.
  • 40 units are deployed into the NYC 911 System.
  • Some assets are deployed into the Westchester County 911 System.  ALS and BLS units operate from 0600 to 1800 and an ALS unit from 1200 to 2400. These operate 7 days a week. They are evaluated on a 5 day rolling scale.
  • Also operating on other deployments including COVID-19.
  • Kevin Gage, District Chief/Investigator retired. He handled criminal investigations and such.

Steven Dziura

  • FEMA units are operating throughout the state.
  • Primarily being used to support hospital-to-hospital interfacility transportation and when requested 911 support which had been done in a couple areas throughout the state.
  • Resources can be requested through the NYS Surge Operations Center which remains active 24/7.
  • Have transported well over 500 patients since 12/17/21 when the units arrived.

Edward Mager

  • Really nothing additional to cover. Participated in the deployments like every other regional office and continue to support the FEMA effort.
  • Policy Statement 22-01 BLS First Response Agency Information for CME Program Requirements indicated vehicle information is to be entered through the on-line form and a registration sticker for the vehicle window will be issued. BLSFR agencies have till 7/1/22 to register a vehicle. If a fire department vehicle does not have a NYS license plate because it is not needed the unit ID can be entered as the license plate number.

Peter Brodie

  • Question: For BLS First Response agency that has an agency code but does not utilize CME can they maintain their agency code?Answer: Yes a BLSFR without CME program may retain their CON … just remember that all [paper] PCRs must be submitted through the Paper PCR Portal.

Jean Taylor

  • Question: How long does it take to receive EMT cards?Answer: Generally, I am printing them every 2 to 3 days. They did get delayed over the Christmas break. Everything should be out up until 2 days ago.
  • Question: When and where is the Albany class? Answer: REMO is doing a National Guard class.
  • Question: Are EMT cards now being sent out for renewals as well or just new cards now? Answer: They have been sent out for renewals for months. CME is being sent – there will be a delay at this point.
  • Question: How long after passing an EMT exam would we see a Health Commerce System record of it? Answer: That is updated as soon as I download the file. I download every day except Saturday and Sunday. Ryan Greenberg added that generally it is 72 hours after that not including weekends.
  • Question: If renewal cards are not received how should we request a replacement card? I have a member that recerted in October via test site, but no card. Answer: Send in a duplicate care request [DOH-4453 Duplicate Card Request]
  • Question: How delayed are CME recertifications? Answer: We are backed up on getting them processed – was doing some before this call helping out the CME folks. We are printing but do not know when printed last but it should not be more than a month or so.

Ryan Greenberg

  • Federal resources are in the state. Upstate they are primarily located in the Hudson Valley, Albany, Syracuse, Western Region and Potsdam. The units cover the entire region they are located in.
  • There are another 50 ambulances in NYC supporting 911 and interfacility load balancing.
  • In next week will be looking at projections of where things are, capacity issues at hospitals, demands on the systems and increasing numbers of EMS providers out sick due to COVID19 and non-Covid-19 and supporting the systems with different functions.
  • Local areas needing backup or support due to people out should contact their County EMS Coordinator and or County Emergency Manager with their requests and put in a NYS Response ticket for that. That is the pathway for requests.
  • Pilot EMT Training Program involves training 600 to 650 persons – half from the National Guard and the other half civilians. These will be academy-style classes running full time mostly Monday through Friday and some may have a little bit of an alternative schedule. Programs are fully supported by BEMS&TS and include free tuition, textbooks and everything that goes along with it. Classes are being held in Niagara Falls, Syracuse, Rockland County, Albany, Bronx, Brooklyn, Suffolk County, Buffalo, Scarsdale, Jefferson County and Putnam County. Courses will start by the end of January or 1stweek in February and go for 4 to 5 weeks to become a fully certified EMT. If more information is needed reach out to Ryan Greenberg, Jean Taylor, or John MacMIllan.
  • Question: Community Paramedicine – COVID vaccinations expired 12/31/21. Are we automatically renewed? Answer: Deputy Chief Bagozzi will be send the Community Paramedicine information he has. If an approved Community Paramedicine program you can continue to operate as a Community Paramedicine program. Vaccinations are under both the PREP (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness) Act and Executive Order and you can continue to vaccinate while Executive Order is still in place.
  • Question: Can you send out information to all on the pilot EMT classes around the state? Answer: Once all the dates and everything have been confirmed will be happy to share that information. Some of the classes have been blocked out just for National Guard members. Many of the classes around the state do have additional seats and will be happy to share that.
  • Question: Is there a currently active state ALS medication formulary? Don’t see an active one online. There is an expired advisory on a med shortage from 2013 but nothing active. Answer: Will have to get back to you on that one.
  • Question: Are we expecting the healthcare staffing Executive Order to be extended longer than month-to-month? Answer: All Executive Orders are only done for a 30 day period. We don’t see it ending soon but are extended on a month-to-month basis.
  • Question: Is the Executive Order on virtual meetings going to be extended? Answer: I cannot speak on what the legislature will do in regards to that.
  • Question: Can you update us on any info in regards to requirement for EMTs needing vaccinations? Answer: Currently right now there is no NYS requirement for an EMT to have a vaccination unless they are part of a covered entity which requires it. If you work for an EMS agency that is a hospital based EMS agency then you would be required to be vaccinated if you fall under that form.
  • Question: Once the mandate comes down for EMT’s to be vaccinated, will the booster also be required? Answer: I cannot predict what happens in the future in regards mandates or boosters.
  • Question: What are options when hospital staff refuse to triage for an extended period? Answer: There is a form for that to make us aware of the situation of prolonged or extended period of time. You can also contact your BEMS&TS District Chief or Deputy Chief to make us aware and we will try to address the situation. It is recognized that isolated incidents happen, however, if on a regular basis we address it. Form is on-line at:
  • Question: How can agencies enable AEMT and higher who routinely give IM injections to vaccinate? With the Omicron surge and the new Deltacron variant vaccination it is more important than ever. How can we enable the providers who are trained to administer IM injections and monitor and treat for anaphylaxis the ability to support public health department that already have an established Community Paramedicine program? Executive Order #4 allowed vaccinations by paramedics without an existing Community Paramedicine program have been an extremely helpful public service in communities/regions where the public health department has been unable to keep up. Answer: Paramedics and EMTs can give vaccinations today. You do not have to be in a Community Paramedic program. Community Paramedic program only comes into play when you work in an individual environment going on a one-off individual patient. I think that answers the question.
  • Question: Are there any cadet programs around the state to help with a career path for high school students with EMS and fire/rescue services. Answer: Absolutely, there are high school based EMT programs around the state. FDNY has one and there are several others as well. Jean Taylor mentioned that there are course sponsors that offer EMT programs in schools. Contact local course sponsors and ask them about it. It is not truly a cadet program unless it is a program your agency is putting on to bring people in as cadet members and putting them through a class. The courses being done in high schools are strictly a regular EMT class where they are getting high school credit as well as attaining EMT certification at the end. For specific information reach out to Ryan Greenberg or Jean Taylor. Peter Brodie added he was messaged that TLC EMS in Syracuse and the Central NY Region holds them on a regular basis and Nassau also does them.
  • Question: Are N95s still being provided to agencies? Answer: I don’t know of any specifics with the exception of possibly through your local Emergency Management team.
  • Question: Has the state thought about e-mailing the EMT cards instead of mailing them out? Answer: We are working on a process for a digital version of the EMT card you would be able to get through the Health Commerce System. It’s been delayed slightly due to everything going on but we are working towards that

Next call is scheduled for Thursday 1/27/22 at 4:00 PM

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