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NYS DOH Bureau of EMS & Trauma Services Monthly Education Update for EMS Course Sponsors and Instructors Wednesday 03/15/23, 3:02 PM to 3:47 PM   UNOFFICIAL NOTES   This is not an official verbatim transcript of the call. There was no prepared agenda distributed before the call. During the call outline notes of what was said were taken by a NYS Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Association (NYSVARA) representative and the outline notes were filled in after the call trying to reflect what the presenters actually said and/or make reading easier. Links to forms or documents mentioned were added and are highlighted.   Questions can be submitted before the next call at: https://apps.health.ny.gov/pubpal/builder/survey/sponsor-questions or during the call through the Q&A and chat boxes.   Notes from prior update calls plus other information is on the NYSVARA website under the Library tab and then select News Archives.   There were 70 attendees on this call.    

George Drew Chesney, Unit Chief, Education Branch            drew.chesney@health.ny.gov
Ryan Greenberg, Director, Bureau of EMS & Trauma Services            ryan.greenberg@health.ny.gov Gene Myers, Unit Chief CME Recertification Program            gene.myers@health.ny.gov
Donald Hudson, Chair, SEMSCO Education and Training Committee            dhudson@nassaucountyny.gov    

DREW CHESNEY John MacMillan accepted a position with the NYS DOH Long Term Care program. He will remain involved with education as Regional Faculty and a CIC.Gene Myers remains as the CME Recertification Program primary point of contact.Drew Chesney is the primary point of contact for everything else education related. Word of the month is patience. Getting access to all the e-mails and everything else needed.As of today all instructor renewals and applications have been processed.Behind on processing reciprocity applications and course applications.For courses ending in March the end of course date is tomorrow [3/16/23] and they will be worked on next so students can test in a timely manner.On track for getting Course Sponsor renewals out for the first half of April. Working on who will be doing short form vs long form and some may not even do a renewal this year. Check the letters that were sent out last year where everybody was renewed. Some may not have received a 2 year renewal.Tweaking process on how to renew. Keep a lookout for new documents.Regional Faculty 1st wave of 60 applicants has been processed and list will be published over next the week so Course Sponsors can start utilizing them. This includes those who were already Regional Faculty at one point. Second group will be done in a week or 2. There are about 150 altogether. QUESTION: More information about your voucher portal? ANSWER: We did a couple test runs and had to bring it down last week for an edit. It is back up and running. There is a link on the BEMS&TS web site. There is interest in a collaboration platform for Course Sponsors, administrators, CICs and instructors. Google Groups was utilized at one time. It is on a list of things to get rolling over the next couple of months. Looking on what type of platform options would be best for this. BOARDABLE, which is used by the State EMS Council, has the capacity to support several hundred users. Suggestions are welcomed. Want an easy way to communicate and exchange information.QUESTION: Having problem scheduling Regional Faculty for lecture audits for CIC interns? Are there any alternatives due to lack of availability? ANSWER: There are no alternatives written into anything, however, with launch of the Regional Faculty we will be able to correct that over the next 30 days as we get into the 2nd and 3rd waves and individuals take the orientation and get back on-line. Issues can be addressed with BEMS&TS on a case-by-case basis. We do have individuals who do like traveling the state. Something can be worked out. QUESTION: Will voucher portal will be available for Course Sponsors to submit vouchers for original EMT courses. ANSWER: Yes, that is our goal. Video recording of a lecture by a CIC candidate is required by Policy Statement 23-02 EMS Instructor Training Requirements & Certification Process. This feedback enables an instructor candidate to observe any quirk or idiosyncrasy in their presentation they may not be aware of. There is some “wiggle room” for those currently near the end of the process but is required for new candidates starting their internship. Recording needs to be kept in the individual’s training file. It can be stored electronically. It does not need to be an entire class but can be 15 to 20 minutes covering an activity – something that can give a good snapshot of the candidate. Ryan Greenberg added that instructor candidates should review Policy Statement 23-02 prior to starting the intern process and that the lead CIC instructor should also review the Policy Statement and be observing, providing coaching and feedback to the intern. COMMENT: Many bargaining units will not allow video recording for the purpose of evaluation – how do we navigate that? REPLY: We can discuss on case-by-case basis.    

GENE MYERS Starting to see an increase in submissions.  Be patient.Getting questions about the certification extensions and how far back can CMEs be claimed for recertifications. Simple answer is if you got a 1 year extension you can go back an additional 12 months while with a 2 year extension you can go back an additional 24 months. You can go back as far as your last (re)certification which would normally have been 36 months and could now be 48 months [or longer]. Ryan Greenberg commented later in meeting that if you have a 4 year certification you can have 4 years of CMEs and if you have a 5 year certification period with the two 1 year extensions you can have 5 years of CMEs. The number of required CME hours for recertification does not change.Vouchers are being put through on regular basis. There is a voucher portal and if need be you can submit them by mail. You can submit the voucher with the application.QUESTION: Is there any documentation regarding CME recertification through Course Sponsors as opposed through agencies? ANSWER: Documentation and maintenance of records would be the same. QUESTION: I have an overseas military member that is asking me to submit his recertification. Can he send me his military orders to extend his certification until he gets back or is he supposed to it in January when he left? ANSWER: If person is under military orders a DD-214 will be issued at the end and he should wait till he gets back and then apply for the extension, not now.    

RYAN GREENBERG Thanks to Drew for picking up the ball.We do have plans for recruiting a position in the Metropolitan Area Regional Office (MARO) for education.There are 2 other positions that are currently being worked on and filled in Central Office for administrative support functions.Working on changes in structure and leadership in the Education Unit as well.Education regulation changes are moving along and are expected to be posted for public comments in the next couple of weeks. The comment period would be 45 to 60 days. Even positive or support comments are welcome. Goal is to have regulatory updates on a more regular basis and not doing it on a grand scale and with a better defined process moving forward. SEMSCO indicates changes that should be made, BEMS&TS puts that in language and it moves through levels of the Department of Health, goes out for public comment, comes back for needed changes, possibly back out for another public comment period before going back to SEMSCO for its final approval.Pilot programs starting:Academy Style Course expansion with changes including different higher funding rate. 4 to 8 week range was mentioned. Look for reimbursement model to be released in May.EMS Leadership Academy course. Have about 20 instructors around the state.  Course Sponsors would be eligible for funding to teach the course.  Content is very comprehensive including videos and instructor guide. Expect more information in May. Cadet programs or sponsorships for non-affiliated independent students and military.  Hopefully, students can return to sponsoring agencyRural classes cancelled for lack of students is being looked at.Vital Signs Academy classes with ALS and BLS core content. These would be 1 hour pre-recorded classes. Will be looking for instructors who would be paid.Looking at EMS course reimbursement rate schedules and working with Steve Kroll, Chair of the SEMSCO Finance Committee.Looking at the cost of becoming a CIC through the National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) course.QUESTION: What would funding levels be for the Academy style classes? ANSWER: It would be for CFR and EMT but not for EMT-P. Looking into funding for ALS training for providers working for BLS agencies.Paramedic instructors are working on a Field Training Officer course.Health Commerce System account can be obtained by an individual. However, they cannot access their EMT card unless that are affiliated with an EMS agency which needs to grant them access to the system. Agency can verify an individual’s certification but cannot print out a card. Only an individual provider can printout their card. Regional Program Agencies have recently been given access to print card for an individual.BEMS&TS is out there again with operations and education staff making visits to agencies and Course Sponsors. Noticing some things that have fallen short or have been forgotten about. Full course audits are scheduled in advance but unannounced visits to observe classes can also be done.Part S of the proposed 2023-2024 NYS Executive Budget is on-line. Take a look and provide feedback. Education items involve potential new pathways such licensure and expanded credentialing such as for a Field Training Officer, EMS Officer or Critical Care EMT-P.NYS EMS Sustainability report has been issued. New York State 2023 Evidence Based EMS Agenda for Future is the official title. There are 25 specific recommendations endorsed by the NYS EMS Council including a college level associate degree for an EMT-P based on their training. Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Considerations for Emergency Medical Services class presented by Jennifer Salomon, EMS Training Specialist is still being offered. Register for a class at: https://apps.health.ny.gov/pubpal/builder/survey/behavioral-health-and-substance-  

DONALD HUDSON Assumed position as Chair of SEMSCO’s Education and Training Committee.Look for more outreach to instructors and providers and ground up solutions to challenges being faced.   NYSVARA Logo
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