Poster Contest: North Country Students … Together While Separate

Thank you to the 100+ North Country Students who entered the FDRHPO’s poster contest, “North Country Students … Together While Separate.” We are so proud of every poster that was submitted, and they are sure to spread some positive vibes to our frontline health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The winner are:

Anya Rush, Grade 4, Lowville Academy Central School

Emily Pandel, Grade 11, Madrid-Waddington Central School

The competition was tough, and the judges had a very difficult decision! Take a look at the amazing creativity and genuine appreciation captured in all of the posters.

Grades K-5 (April 24)

Grades 6-12 (April 24)

Grades K-5 (April 29)

Grades 6-12 (April 29)

Grades K-5 (May 12)

Grades 6-12 (May 12)

Grades K-5 (May 18 – FINAL)

Grades 6-12 (May 18 – FINAL)

Post Contest Entries (because the students want to keep sending their support)