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Congratulations on taking the first step to taking control of your chronic disease with these programs that are available to you in Northern New York!

Whether you have diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular disease, or any other chronic disease, the take-control.org website is here to help you find out what programs are available in your area to help you take and keep control of your health. These are programs designed to help you (and your caregivers) prevent and manage your chronic disease to improve your quality of life.

Don’t let your chronic disease control you, TAKE CONTROL of your disease and live your life to the fullest!

In many cases, these chronic conditions are preventable. In all cases, they can be managed and/or treated, allowing you to live a healthy, fulfilling life. The three programs below are designed to help:

DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM – If you do not have diabetes, but you are at risk, this program is designed to help reduce that risk.

DIABETES SELF-MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – If you already have been diagnosed with diabetes, this program is designed to help you take control of your condition.

CHRONIC DISEASE SELF-MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – Regardless of what chronic disease you have, this program will help you manage it and live a healthy life.

So which program is right for you? Don’t stress. Let this table help you out: